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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Norsk
Deposit optionsCredit Card or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), PayPal
Pricing1 unit of currency = 1 gold, Discounts 5% off 15 minutes, 10% off 30 minutes, 15% off 45 minutes,20% off 60 minutes

With over 50,000 registered members and more than 2 million monthly visitors, Camonster quickly became one of the most popular webcam sites on the internet. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Camonster so great and why it stands out from other similar sites. 

From the variety of features to the quality customer service they provide – we’ll cover everything you need to know before deciding if Camonster is right for you!


  • Wide selection of models from all walks of life
  • Discounts for longer sessions


  • Limited deposit options
  • Slow loading times & limited compatibility across browsers too
  • Reports from certain users having difficulty processing payments

What is Camonster.com

It is a platform for users to connect with models, performers, and others in real-time. 

Through Camonster, users can watch live shows from the comfort of their homes or on their mobile devices. Models have certain features that allow them to interact with viewers and get tips from them. Camonster also provides tools and information about how each performer works so that viewers can find exactly what they are looking for. 

Users have access to different levels of service depending on their needs, such as free chat rooms or private shows where models give special attention only to one user at a time. 

For those who want more privacy, there are also premium services available like VIP rooms where models perform private shows exclusively for members who pay a fee. 

Signing up at Camonster.com

Camonster sign up

Signing up for Camonster.com can be a daunting task, with the lack of clear instructions and the abundance of unnecessary fields to fill out. 

To begin, you will need an email address, along with a nickname and password that you’ll have to remember later on. Once you have these three items ready, it’s time to start signing up – but beware that this process is far from straightforward or user-friendly. 

Don’t expect the signup process at Camonster.com to be easy; anticipate difficulties every step of the way and prepare yourself for frustration when trying to register an account here!

Models at Camonster.com


The female section offers a wide selection of performers but unfortunately, much of their talent is quite lacking compared to other sites. Most girls are average looking with basic skills and do not have much charisma or appeal beyond that. 

There is a fair amount that offers more than just nudity but overall it’s not particularly impressive for those looking for something special or unique from their experience online with these ladies. 


The selection for male performers does not fare any better than its female counterpart, offering little variety overall and limited skill sets amongst most participants who appear quite unenthusiastic about their job. 

As well as lackluster in terms of physical attractiveness or allurement potential either way around (from both genders). It seems like they haven’t been properly trained or experienced enough to provide anything above mediocre service – so don’t expect too much here!  


The selection is disappointingly limited when it comes to couples on Camonster. With only a handful available, viewers are unlikely to find any real variety here. 

Instead, they’ll find the same few faces that appear in many other places online as well as older models who don’t seem very interested in performing for their audience


This area is incredibly disappointing given how diverse and unique transgender content can be across other platforms.

Even though there appears to be a decent number here none really stand out due to how amateurish they tend to act whilst performing making them almost indistinguishable from one another aside from gender identity differences alone! 

That said, if you’re simply looking for something quick then maybe this group will suffice otherwise keep searching elsewhere if you want higher-quality material instead.

Camonster.com Features

Gold Shows 

The Gold Shows feature allows users to view shows for a fee; however, it may not be worth paying for as there have been numerous reports of shows being canceled or cut short without any warning or refund given out. 

What`s more, even when they do take place they can often be quite dull as many performers tend to go through the motions rather than make an effort to engage viewers in meaningful ways.  

Private Chats        

Private chats are available at an additional cost and often provide better experiences than Gold Shows; even so, this too has its own set of problems due to lackluster customer service and technical issues such as lagging video streams which can ruin conversations between performers and viewers alike. 

As well, customers also complain about having difficulty setting up private chat sessions in general with some claiming that it took them multiple attempts before finally succeeding which can be quite frustrating.           


The Cam2Cam feature allows customers to interact more intimately with performers by allowing them to exchange audio-visual messages; unfortunately, this option is rarely used since it requires both parties to pay extra fees which makes it impractical for casual use. 

Customers may find themselves spending more money than expected due to extra charges incurred by using this feature – yet another example where money does not equal quality!

Streaming Quality at Camonster.com

Audio and Video

Camonster.com is an online live cam site that provides video streaming of adult content to its users. The audio and video quality of this website leaves much to be desired as they are quite low in comparison to other sites in the same genre. 

The audio compression used is generally very poor, resulting in a muffled sound with little variation or clarity between different videos. 

The video quality also pales in comparison with other sites, offering only 720p resolution at 2,428 kb/s for best performance 432p at 828 kb/s, and 144p at 190 kb/s as lower options.

These settings are far from ideal for viewers who expect high-quality streaming from such websites and provide an inferior user experience overall due to the lack of detail available onscreen when viewing live cams.

Pricing at Camonster

Camonster.com offers an array of pricing plans for its services. Sad to say, the prices are not always marked with transparency or value in mind and can be difficult to understand due to low compression on their website. 

At Camonster.com, 1 unit of currency equals 1 gold, with discounts gradually rising as time spent increases; 5% off 15 min, 10% off 30 min, 15% off 45 min, 20% off 60 min – yet further evidence of how this company prioritizes quantity over quality when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

With such little incentive for customers opting into longer sessions, there appears no real cost-effective way of taking advantage of these deals offered by Camonster’s pricing system making what should be considered a great deal much less attractive than originally.

Deposit options at Camonster.com

Camonster deposit options

Camonster.com offer a limited range of deposit options for its users, allowing them to use either a Credit Card or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) or PayPal as their payment method. 

The lack of other popular online payment services such as Skrill and Neteller is certainly disappointing for some customers who might find themselves unable to take advantage of the site’s offerings due to this limitation. 

There have been reports from certain users that issues may arise when attempting to process payments via credit card; with deposits not always being approved in a timely manner – if at all, leading some customers to feel frustrated over the situation. 

On the whole, then it appears that Camonster could do better in offering more varied deposit methods which would help make things easier for those wishing to access its live cam services without having too much difficulty depositing funds into their account.

Camonster user experience 


The desktop user experience on Camonster.com is far from ideal, with many features and options that are hard to use or understand. 

The site has a cluttered design which can be overwhelming for first-time users, making navigation more difficult than it should be. There are also some technical issues such as slow loading times and limited compatibility across various browsers. 

The overall look of the website lacks modernity and style, something that could put off potential customers before they even begin exploring what’s on offer. 


When it comes to mobile devices, there isn’t much better news for those hoping for an enjoyable user experience at Camonster either – in fact, things may actually be worse! 

Mobile optimization is virtually non-existent here so pages take longer to load and features become harder to locate amidst all the clutter being displayed on small screens; images often appear pixelated too due to their poor resolution format when sized down for smaller devices.

It’s clear then that access via mobile phones or tablets hasn’t been fully considered by developers during this website build process meaning visitors using these platforms will have a subpar browsing experience compared with those accessing from desktops instead.

Customer Support at Camonster.com

Camonster customer support

Camonster.com Customer Support offers a range of services, but they are not always reliable. 

  • Live Chat Support is often slow and unhelpful; 
  • WhatsApp messages may go unanswered for hours or even days; 
  • Emails sent through the form tend to be ignored entirely; 
  • Their phone numbers in different countries rarely lead anywhere useful when customers try to call them. 

It appears that Camonster has only limited interest in providing adequate customer service, which is disappointing given its global reach.

The quality of these services is far from satisfactory – many customers have complained about long wait times or unhelpful representatives when trying to get assistance with their queries. Some users have even reported that their requests were completely ignored by Camonster’s staff altogether.

Camonster.com Privacy and Security 

Camonster.com takes privacy and security very lightly, leaving users feeling exposed and vulnerable to potential data breaches. The website has minimal protection against hackers, making it easy for criminals to gain access to personal information stored on the platform. 

Camonster does not have any encryption in place for its communication channels or user accounts, meaning all of your conversations could be intercepted by malicious third parties without you ever knowing about it. 

Even more concerningly, there are reports from some customers claiming that their financial details were stolen after using the service, showing just how inadequate Camonster’s measures are when it comes to protecting its users’ safety online. 

Camonster Verdict 

In conclusion, Camonster.com is a live cam site that provides video streaming of adult content to its users but fails to deliver in many other aspects. It’s audio and video quality are quite low compared to other sites in the same genre, along with limited deposit options for customers looking to pay for services here. 

The overall user experience on desktop and mobile devices leaves much desired, failing both aesthetically as well as technically due to slow loading times or incompatibility across browsers/platforms respectively – whilst customer service staff offer little help when needed. 

All these shortcomings combined make it hard not to recommend this website as an option worth considering if you’re after high-quality webcam fun. 

Instead, try searching elsewhere where better value can be found that won’t leave your data vulnerable nor put a strain on your wallet either!


Is Camonster.com Safe?

No, Camonster.com is not safe. It has been linked to malicious software that can damage your computer and steal personal information from you. 

Is Camonster.com a Scam?

Yes, it appears that Camonster.com may be a scam site as there have been numerous reports of users being scammed out of money or having their credit card information stolen by the website’s operators after signing up for services on the site.

Can I Use Camonster.com for Free? 

No, you cannot use Camonster.com for free as it requires payment in order to access its content and services including live shows with models who are paid per minute rate through tokens purchased with real currency directly from the site itself.

Are all models featured on the site verified and validated by the organization?

No, not all models featured on the site are verified and validated by the organization. The majority of them remain unknown as they sign up to be a part of this website without providing any credentials or genuine proof that they are who they claim to be. 

This makes it impossible for us to guarantee their authenticity or reliability in any way. 

Is it possible to communicate directly with models in real time over video chat via the Camonster site? 

It is not possible to communicate directly with models in real time over video chat via the Camonster site due to its design which does not allow such features at present, as also due to security reasons and privacy concerns of both parties involved.

Is there an option to tip performers while watching their shows?

While watching shows on this platform there does not seem like an option available where viewers can tip performers during their performances either through virtual currencies or any other form of monetary payment system currently offered here at present times.

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