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Deposit optionsCredit Card or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), PayPal
Pricing15 CREDITS 15 EXTRA – 30 Credits for $18.9525 CREDITS 25 EXTRA – 50 Credits for $29.9550 CREDITS 50 EXTRA – 100 Credits for $58.95100 CREDITS 100 EXTRA – 200 Credits for $114.95

Imlive offers a wide range of services for users to enjoy. The site offers an easy-to-use interface with plenty of features that make it ideal for both amateur and professional models alike. 

From live shows to private chats, couples cams, group shows and more – there are many ways to interact on Imlive’s platform. Also, members can access exclusive content such as videos featuring their favorite performers or special discounts when they purchase credits (the virtual currency used by Imlive). 

This article reviews these features and provides readers with an overview of what makes this site so attractive to potential customers looking for webcam fun online.


  • Plenty of features for amateur and professional models alike
  • Strict policies about collecting personal information


  • Limited customer service support
  • Occasional promotional deals may not always provide greater savings than normal rates

What is Imlive.com

It is a platform that allows users to connect with each other for live video chat sessions. Users can create their own profiles and browse the profiles of others, view pictures or videos, and send messages to initiate conversations. 

The site has over 80 million registered members from all around the world who have access to thousands of models available online 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

To start chatting on Imlive users need to register an account, once logged in user will enter a virtual lobby area where he/she can select any model based on preferences such as age, ethnicity, body type, language spoken, ratings, etc.

After selecting the desired model user needs to pay per minute fee which depends upon the duration spent during a conversation between two parties involved; the customer & host (model). 

Signing up at Imlive.com

Imlive sign up

First, you will need to provide an email address, and username of your choice and create a password for yourself. It’s important that the information provided is accurate as it will be used to verify your account. 

Once this step has been completed, you can make use of the 100% bonus credits available when signing up with Imlive.com – these are great value and can help reduce costs during chats or shows on-site! 

After entering all details required by the website, simply click ‘Join Freer’ at the bottom of the page – once done successfully you have now created an official account with Imlive. 

Now it’s time to start exploring what they have to offer! Have fun chatting away with new friends from around the world while using amazing features!

Models at Imlive.com


Imlive offers female performers who are sure to satisfy even the most discerning viewer’s tastes. 

From experienced MILFs with plenty of experience under their belts; to younger women just starting out as cam girls – there is no shortage of talent here and it shows! 

The ladies featured on Imlive come from various backgrounds such as fitness instructors, nurses, and more, giving them unique perspectives into life which they bring forth onto their streams for your viewing pleasure! 

Many have excellent bodies too adding even more spice if that’s what appeals to you most about watching these vixens perform – whatever floats your boat!  


For those seeking something different than traditional females performing solo acts then males could be just the perfect solution for getting off watching someone else get down (or up) close & personal before one’s own eyes (and fingertips). 

On Imlive there are always several men ready & willing to play either alone or alongside another man combo depending upon individual preferences. 

When exploring new realms of eroticism within this virtual realm – whether prefer twinks or bodybuilders alike rest assured to find the right fit! 


At Imlive you can find high-quality couple cam shows from around the world featuring real-life partners who are ready to get wild on camera just for your viewing pleasure! 

The streams range from flirty vanilla fun with cute young twosomes or mature married folks sharing intimate moments together, all the way up through intense hardcore action with experienced pros pushing their limits and getting as kinky as possible. 

No matter what kind of show you’re looking for there’s something here to suit every taste!  


One area where Imlive really shines is its selection of trans performers from all over the world who offer unique experiences for viewers looking for something outside traditional gender roles. 

The site also offers specific tags such as “shemales” or “transsexuals” which make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily without having to search through hundreds of profiles first before finding someone suitable for your needs (or kinks). 

Most of these performers put great effort into creating engaging shows that cater directly to individual fantasies – whether they involve sex toys, roleplay scenarios, or just genuinely nice conversations.

Imlive.com Features

Top Hosts Arena 

The “Top Hosts” arena on Imlive provides viewers with access to some of the most talented hosts available on their site; all handpicked by their team based on multiple criteria including performance ratings and online activity levels. 

It also allows them to view host bios which include information about physical characteristics along with details regarding pricing preferences and specialties offered during shows so that customers know exactly who they are dealing with.   

Imlive Vocal         

This feature allows customers to interact directly through voice chat instead of relying solely on text messages or video streams, providing a more personal connection between viewer/host than ever before! 

On top of being able to hear each other’s voices clearly without interruption (even if there is poor internet connectivity). 

Both parties have full control over whether or not audio streaming should be enabled for any given session, allowing them even greater privacy rights while still enjoying interactive conversations in real-time.   


The Cam2cam feature adds another layer to the already great communication options made possible by Imlive. 

Giving viewers two-way visibility into each others’ webcams simultaneously during private show sessions, adding yet another sense to how people connect & communicate via webcam sites like this one! 

Not only does it allow individuals who may feel shy about showing themselves fully naked right away to get comfortable gradually but also gives everyone involved an extra bit of excitement & engagement too!

Streaming Quality at Imlive.com

  • Audio Quality

When it comes to Imlive’s audio quality, this site delivers pristine sounds through its low-compression technology. 

The clear tones are free from any distortion or lag which makes for a smooth listening experience for all users regardless of connection speeds or computer specs. 

Also, the noise cancellation feature ensures that background noises don’t distract you from your viewing pleasure by keeping them out of earshot at all times. 

  • Video Quality

Videos streamed through Imlive have an excellent resolution that looks great even in fullscreen mode making it possible for viewers to appreciate every detail available within each showroom setting without any lag or buffering issues standing in their way. 

Also, color saturation levels remain consistent across all frames providing clarity regardless if movement stops suddenly or continues steadily throughout each session ensuring uninterrupted entertainment value at all times.

Pricing at Imlive

Imlive pricing

Imlive.com offers competitive prices to its customers. Its many different packages of credits that can be used for various services on the platform including private shows, group shows, and more. 

The pricing system allows users to choose from four options depending on their budget: 

  • 15 Credits with an extra 15 free for $18.95
  • 25 Credits with an extra 25 free for $29.95
  • 50 Credits with an extra 50 free for $58.95 
  • 100 Credits plus another 100 Extra Free credits at the price of $114 95

All these plans have no hidden costs or fees involved in them. By choosing any one of these packages you are guaranteed great value as well as access to all features available on Imlive’s network such as special discounts, exclusive content, and interactive tools like “dirty talk” etc. 

Imlive also offers occasional promotional deals which can provide even greater savings than normal rates when signing up or renewing your membership package.

Deposit options at Imlive.com

Imlive deposit options

Imlive.com offer some deposit options for their users looking to purchase credits and tokens on the site. Customers can use: 

  • Credit Card or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
  • PayPal

Imlive provides secure payments through its trusted payment partners so customers feel safe when making deposits on the site. 

All transactions are processed quickly and securely without any hassle allowing customers to access live cam shows in no time at all! 

The website also takes extra measures to ensure customer privacy by using advanced encryption technology that keeps your financial information confidential so you know it is safe from third-party sources while shopping online at Imlive.com

Imlive user experience 

  • Desktop

Imlive is a live cam site that offers users an enjoyable experience on their desktop devices. The website is designed with simple navigation and intuitive menus to make it easy for visitors to quickly find the content they are looking for. 

The platform also provides high-quality video streams, allowing customers to interact directly with performers in real-time from the comfort of their home or office computer screens. 

  • Mobile

Imlive has created a mobile version of its website so users can access all features wherever they go using compatible smartphones or tablet devices running Android or iOS operating systems. 

Mobile viewers get the same great streaming performance as well smooth user interface while browsing through different models’ profiles and chat rooms available on the app. 

Besides, there are plenty of options like virtual gifts, and private messaging which makes the whole viewing experience even more immersive than before!

Customer Support at Imlive.com

Imlive customer support

Imlive.com provides customers with reliable customer support through an email form that can be accessed directly on the website.

Customers have the option to submit their queries, comments, or complaints and they will receive a response within 24 hours from one of Imlive’s dedicated customer service representatives who are trained in providing quality assistance. 

The team is available around the clock and strives to provide quick resolution for any issues that may arise while using Imlive’s services. 

With this system, customers feel confident knowing that there is always someone ready to help them out when needed no matter what time it might be.

Imlive.com Privacy and Security 

Imlive.com is committed to providing a secure environment for its users and protecting their privacy. 

Imlive’s security protocols include SSL encryption and the use of various firewalls, malware scanners, and intrusion detection systems to protect user data from unauthorized access or manipulation. 

Despite that, all payment information is kept securely encrypted with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance standards. 

Besides, sensitive financial transactions are handled through dedicated third-party vendors who adhere to stringent industry regulations regarding fraud prevention measures. 

Imlive Verdict 

Imlive.com is an online platform that offers users from around the world a variety of live-streaming video chat services and content. 

The site provides an easy-to-use interface with plenty of features that make it suitable for amateur and professional models alike, including private chats, group shows, couples cams, and more. 

All user has the possibility to open a wide range of access to exclusive videos featuring their favorite performers or special discounts when they purchase credits (the virtual currency used by Imlive). 

In terms of stream quality and pricing options as well as customer service support available 24/7 – this website can be considered a good choice for those looking to enjoy webcam fun online!


Is Imlive.com Safe?

Imlive.com is a safe website as it follows all the safety protocols and security measures to ensure its users are protected from any kind of malicious activity. 

It has an extensive privacy policy in place that covers user data collection, storage, use, and protection policies which help protect your personal information when using its services.

Is Imlive.com a Scam?

Imlive.com is not a scam or fraudulent website; instead, it’s one of the leading adult webcam streaming websites with millions of active monthly members who enjoy their service without facing any issues related to scams or fraud on the platform. 

Can I Use Imlive.com for Free? 

Yes, you can definitely use ImLive for free by signing up for an account, but there will be certain limitations such as only being able to watch public shows, rather than private ones where performers charge fees per minute.

Can I view the profiles of all available performers before selecting one for my show?

Yes, you can view profiles of all available performers before selecting one for your show. 

ImLive’s platform has a comprehensive list of models along with their profile pictures and brief bios which provide information about the performer’s interests, background, and experience as an entertainer. 

This way you can choose from amongst many talented artists who offer different types of shows to suit everyone’s preference. 

Can viewers send virtual gifts directly through chat rooms?

Yes, viewers can send virtual gifts directly through chat rooms on ImLive’s platform. Virtual Gifts are tokens that members use to show appreciation for performances or simply express affection towards performers during chats or private sessions. 

These gifts range in value according to the level of appreciation shown by viewers; ranging from small token amounts like 5-10 credits up to extravagant displays costing thousands! 

How often do new models join the network of available entertainers on ImLive’s platform? 

New models join ImLive’s network on a regular basis – usually several times every week depending upon demand and availability. 

The website actively promotes new talent, where fresh faces are showcased at discounted rates so that customers have an opportunity to sample them without having much risk involved in terms of spending too much money. 

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