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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian
Deposit optionsCredit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover), PayPal, Crypto, and Checking
PricingFor private range from $0.99 per minute for newer models to $8.99 per minute
For exclusive chats range from $4.95 per minute up to $44.95 per minute

Streamate.com is an innovative webcam site that allows users to easily connect with performers from around the world. 

Through its intuitive interface, Streamate.com provides a unique platform for creating meaningful social interactions and engaging in enjoyable entertainment experiences without breaking the bank. 

The website offers a wide range of features to make sure that everyone has something they can enjoy on the service – from private shows to group chats, there’s something for everyone! 

In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what makes Streamate special, including how it works, which services are provided, and more!


  • Wide selection of performers in various body types
  • Intuitive interface that makes it easy to connect with performers


  • Higher prices associated with certain exclusive chat sessions
  • Some models may charge higher rates depending upon the popularity demand

What is Streamate.com

Streamate enables performers to broadcast live video streams, engage with fans through chat rooms and earn money from tips or private shows. Viewers can access the site free of charge but must register an account before they are able to watch any content on Streamate. 

Once decided upon users can enter into public chats with the selected streamer where they have the option to tip them using credits purchased at different rates depending on how much credit they wish to purchase at one time. 

Users may also be eligible for discounts based on the frequency of use or loyalty program levels if applicable within specific regions.

Signing up at Streamate.com

Streamate sign up

Signing up at Streamate.com is easy! All you need is a valid email address, nickname, and password of your choice. 

Firstly, go to the Streamate website and click on ‘sign-up’. You will be asked for your email address which you should fill in before clicking continue. Then pick a username or nickname that other users can identify you by when using the site. 

Lastly, create a secure password then check all details entered are correct before submitting it – once approved, congratulations! You now have access to every feature provided by Streamate as well as its amazing live-streaming show content enjoyed worldwide!

Models at Streamate.com

Female Models

At Streamate you will find a wide range of female performers with various body types and personalities for viewers to choose from – so there’s something for everyone! 

From petite brunettes to voluptuous blondes; sweet-natured girls next door or wild party girls ready just about anything – every type can be found here at your fingertips. 

You can also select by language preference if needed as many camgirls are bilingual in English/Spanish plus other languages which makes it easier when searching through profiles too!

Male Models

The male model category includes both straight males and gay men who offer live webcam shows tailored specifically towards each individual viewer’s desires – whether that be chats filled with roleplay fantasies or hardcore BDSM scenes streamed right into your bedroom (or wherever else!). 

Here guys come in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and ages, giving customers more choices than ever before including muscle studs, dominant masters, etc. 


For those wanting something truly unique then why not try checking out a couple of streams? 

This feature allows two people either already partnered together off camera or strangers brought together by mutual agreement able perform side by side without ever having met before. 

Couple shows often contain some extra special activities, designed specifically to elicit pleasure audiences, watching home while providing intense satisfaction to any lucky few invited to join the conversation firsthand too.

Transgender Performers 

On Streamate there’s also a great selection of trans performers who bring something unique and special into each performance regardless if solo or with another model(s). 

As well as providing some truly memorable experiences due to the creativity involved when having two genders being part of one act (or multiple acts), these talented individuals will make sure you stay fully entertained throughout every second spent watching them perform!

Many trans streamers offer exclusive videos along with live shows allowing users to watch them whenever suits them best, making this option great value-for-money over time compared to traditional one-off streams.

Streamate.com Features

Streamate.com provides an interactive platform for users to enjoy live shows from performers all over the world. It offers various features, including Gold Shows, Interactive Vibrator, and Party Chat. 

Gold Shows

One of the most popular features on Streamate is the “Gold” or private shows which allow viewers to pay a certain amount of credits (the currency used on site) to book exclusive time with their favorite performer(s). 

This means they get complete control of how long they can watch and what happens during those minutes – it’s up to them! 

The number of credits required depends on each individual show but usually starts around 10-20 per minute spent with the model; however, some models may charge more depending upon their popularity/demand so make sure you check before subscribing!

Interactive Vibrator

The interactive vibrator feature allows viewers who have purchased tokens or credit packages access to special toys that respond when tipped by anyone watching in real time – simply put: if someone tips enough money then your toy will react accordingly based on how much was sent! 

This creates an incredibly immersive experience as viewers can now interact directly with their favorite camgirl using nothing more than virtual currency, something many people find really exciting! 

There’s no need to worry about privacy concerns either since only verified customers are able to access these advanced tools; meaning everyone stays safe while enjoying themselves simultaneously too!

Party Chat

One last great feature available through Streamate is “Party Chat” which lets multiple members join together into one group chatroom where conversations flow freely between them all without any restrictions. 

For instance, such as language barriers blocking communication or awkward pauses due to lack of interest – a perfect way to break the ice quickly among strangers online whether just wanting casual banter session shared laughs alike! 

All participants must follow rules set out beforehand to ensure fairness and consistency throughout the entire duration of party chat room use though overall making gathering friends easier than ever before.

Streaming Quality at Streamate.com

Streamate.com offers users the ability to stream video and audio content in high-quality, low-compression formats. 


Quality on Streamate.com is excellent with near-perfect clarity, making it easy for viewers to clearly hear what their favorite models are saying during their shows. 

The sound comes through perfectly when using Streamate’s service, as they use high-quality audio equipment for their broadcasts which ensures no static or interference.

There are also options to adjust the level of volume if desired.  


Quality is also very good with raw streams available up to 720p resolution and 2,428 kb/s bitrate or lower resolutions such as 432p (828 kb/s) and 144p (184kb/s). 

This makes even low bandwidth connections able to view videos without compromising too much on image detail or smoothness of motion. 

Pricing at Streamate

Streamate.com provides users with a unique live entertainment experience. The platform offers various features such as private shows, exclusive chats, and more. 

When it comes to pricing, Streamate.com follows a flexible model, allowing models to set their own rates for private shows which can range from $0.99 per minute for newer models up to $8.99 per minute for established ones. 

Exclusive chat sessions are available at higher prices ranging from $4.95 per minute all the way up to $44.95 per minute depending on the level of exclusivity desired by users.

Customers also have access to free public chat rooms where they can get acquainted with the performers before taking things further into paid interactions. 

Streamate’s pricing structure allows users of different budgets and tastes to find something suitable within their budget while catering high-end services at pricier options to make it accessible and appealing overall.

Deposit Options at Streamate

Streamate deposit options

Streamate.com offers many convenient deposit options for its users. All major credit and debit cards such as: 

  • Visa, Mastercard, and Discover 
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Checking

PayPal can also be used to fund stream accounts with ease while crypto payments provide an added level of security when making deposits or withdrawals on the platform. 

Checking services offer another option for those who prefer not to use credit/debit cards or online payment processing alternatives like PayPal and Cryptocurrencies when funding their account at Streamate. 

With these varied methods available, customers have plenty of choices to securely make transactions on the streaming website effortlessly.

Streamate user experience 


Streamate offers viewers on desktop computers a range of features including easy navigation, clear visuals, and videos, as well as the ability to easily switch between different webcam channels in order to find the one they are most interested in viewing. 

There are options for private messaging or group chat with other viewers within each channel which adds another layer of interactivity when watching content on Streamate’s website from a computer.


Streamates’ user-friendly design by providing seamless access to all their content via any device type whether it be mobile phone or tablet – no matter what size screen is being used; everything looks great and functions perfectly! 

The layout has been optimized so that navigating through menus feels natural even though some elements have been adjusted slightly due to space restrictions associated with smaller screens. 

This ensures a positive user experience regardless of how you’re accessing the service.

Customer Support at Streamate.com

Streamate customer support

Streamate.com Customer Support is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns customers may have, through:

  • Live Chat Support
  • WhatsApp
  • Email Us Form

Phone numbers are all options for contacting customer support reps from anywhere in the world. For those located in: 

  • USA (866) 941-3982 
  • Australia 1800 972 031 
  • Canada (866) 941-3982 
  • France 0 800 90 32 92 
  • Germany 0800 1810993 
  • Germany (Mobile) 0800 1825274 
  • Italy 800 875 206 
  • Switzerland 0800 896 441 
  • United Kingdom (GB) 0800 098 8202 

All Other Countries +1 206-438-0241 can easily contact Streamate’s team of experts. 

They will happily provide assistance on anything related to their services or platform use so that customers feel secure while using it.

Streamate.com Privacy and Security 

Streamate.com places a great emphasis on the privacy and security of its users. 

Streamate’s commitment to user safety starts with its strict registration procedure which requires all users to validate their age and identity prior to creating an account. This ensures only those legally allowed access will be able to create accounts, protecting vulnerable members from exploitation or unwanted contact.

The website also utilizes advanced encryption technology for data transmission over the internet, meaning any personal information shared between users remains secure at all times as it travels across different networks.

Streamate uses multiple layers of firewalls along with other technical measures in order to prevent unauthorized access into customers’ private areas such as payments or profile information.

Streamate Verdict 

Streamate.com is an adult webcam site that offers users the opportunity to interact with real performers in a live and interactive setting. 

The website provides various features to make sure everyone has something they can enjoy on the service. 

It also follows a flexible pricing model which allows models to set their own rates for private shows along with free public chat rooms where customers can get acquainted before taking things further into paid interactions. 

Streamate uses advanced encryption technology for data transmission over the internet, protecting user information from unauthorized access while its strict registration process ensures only those legally allowed will be able to create accounts on the platform. 

Streammate is a great option for anyone looking for high-quality live cam experiences without breaking the bank, offering plenty of value at varied prices so there’s something suitable within most budgets!


Is Streamate.com Safe?

Streamate.com is a secure and safe website to use for streaming live cam shows. It has strong safety protocols in place, including password protection, encryption of personal data, and verification processes that ensure only real people can access the platform. 

Is Streamate.com a Scam?

Streamate.com is not a scam or fraudulent site but an established adult cam website with more than 12 years of experience in providing high-quality services to its customers worldwide. 

The company follows strict guidelines from both local authorities as well as industry standards regarding security and privacy policies for users’ safety on their site.

Can I Use Streamate.com for Free?

Yes, you can use Streamate.com for free by signing up as a guest user where you have limited access to features such as viewing public chat rooms and watching streams from some performers who offer free content on the platform.

Are all of the streams live or pre-recorded videos? 

All streams are live videos, meaning they are broadcast in real-time from the performer and to viewers around the world. Pre-recorded videos can also be uploaded by performers if they wish to do so but these will not be streamed live. 

Do performers have access to the user’s contact details after a show is finished?

No, performers do not have access to the user’s contact details after a show is finished as all payment information is securely stored within the system and never shared with third parties or any users of the platform. 

Are refunds available if unsatisfied with a performance?

Yes, refunds may be available if unsatisfied with performance depending on the terms of service outlined by each performer beforehand which will typically include provisions for refunds based upon specific conditions such as inadequate quality of sound or video feed.

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